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4" Emergency Bandage - White

SKU: 40-179

Vendor Part Number: FCP03


  • 4" wide
  • White
  • Pressure applicator closure bar for max pressure
  • Innovative, combat-proven trauma dressing.
  • So easy to use that an injured person can self-apply the bandage with one hand
  • Provides effective, multi-functional treatment
  • Sterile, non-adherent pad
  • Replaces T11-FCP03-PS



An essential item in every trauma kit, the The Emergency Bandage, also known as the Israeli Combat Bandage or the Israeli Battle Dressing is a proven life-saver. Designed to control blood flow from hemorrhagic wounds, this dressing can be applied with one hand, is sterile, has a non-adherent pad and, when properly applied, applies significant pressure to the wound site. An easy-to-use closure bar is included to secure bandage in place.