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Ambu IV Trainer

SKU: 50-257

Vendor Part Number: A255001000


  • Provides training for:
    • Insertion of cannulas and catheters
    • Infusion of fluids
    • Injection of medication
    • Blood sampling
    • Pulse measurement
  • Fits all Ambu Man Manikins
  • Includes: Ambu IV Trainer, infusion stand, red dye concentrate, talcum powder, 5 ml and 50 ml syringes, and carry case/washable underlay
  • Replaces 255-001-000



Training for the insertion of cannulas and catheters, the infusion of fluids, the injection of medication, blood sampling, and pulse measurement.

  • Natural latex replaceable skin and veins featuring hole closure after penetration, extending the lifetime of the arm
  • Moveable wrist and rotating arm provides a realistic training device
  • Indicator Panel represents each blood vessel and gives immediate feedback
  • Valve system reduces formation of air pockets in blood vessels