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Curaplex Extrication Collar

SKU: 50-175

Vendor Part Number: 218141


  • Combitube Airway Trainer 
  • Demo only
  • For Airway Emergency Intubation training
  • OD 41 French
  • Adult

Replaces CBT-100T



When a difficult airway must be established, time and accuracy are critical. To ensure rapid intubation and effective ventilation training is essential. The Combitube Trainer looks and works just like the real thing, but features double-thick cuffs to handle heavy training sessions.


  • Training airway
  • 20ml syringe
  • 40ml syringe
  • Suction catheter
  • Aspiration-diverting elbow

Please note: This product is for training purposes only and is not approved for patient use.