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Cardionics SAM II Dark Skin

SKU: 50-525

Vendor Part Number: 718-8900


  • Half-body male manikin
  • Trains students in auscultation skills
  • Teaches the correct anatomical site to hear and compare heart, lung and bowel sounds
  • Includes: SAM II half body male manikin, laptop computer, Angle of Louis Identified as landmark, anatomical T-Shirt supplied with rib locations, and, a 200 page Lesson Guide
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Replaces AUS7188900



  • Conveniently select sounds by menu
    • 16 heart/lung combinations – 36 heart, 21 breath, 20 bowel, and 4 carotid bruits
    • Heart sounds at 4 anatomical locations; breath sounds at 8 anatomical locations; bowel sounds at 2 anatomical locations
    • Heart-lung combinations can be played as in a real patient
    • Variable heart rate sounds
    • Series of test sounds for student assessment
  • Students use their own stethoscopes at the correct anatomical site to hear and compare heart and lung sounds simultaneously or separately as heard on a live patient
  • A carotid pulse is presented with every heart sound to assist in identification of the onset of systole
  • A phonocardiogram and/or a phonopneumogram are displayed with every heart or lung sound at every location
    • When heart and breath sounds are heard together, a two-channel display is presented for both sounds
    • Instructors can project the display(s) for full audience viewing
  • Lesson guides are provided for every sound and include discussions of the sound, schematic of the chest, phonocardiogram(s), and, questions and answers
  • Instructors can preprogram and save lectures; sound volumes can be set and saved for future use