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Gaumard HAL Adult Multipurpose Airway & CPR Trainer

SKU: 50-153

Vendor Part Number: S315.100.M2.PK


  • Adult airway management trainer
  • Students learn oral and nasal techniques for opening airways
  • Allows training for tracheostomy, cricothyrotomy, and pneumothorax decompression
  • Includes 6 neck collars, 3 cricocartilages, and membrane tape
  • Includes trainer carrying bag
  • Warranty: 1 year

Replaces AMT315



This trainer is designed to present similar challenges faced by paramedics and physicians in the real world. The anatomically accurate features enable extensive training in a variety of airway techniques.

  • Fully articulated to allow head tilt/chin lift
  • Soft neck with cricocartilage permits classic Sellick maneuver
  • 18mm airway permitting passed of cuffed ET tube or EOA