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HydraSim DropLeg Basic Kit with FIST Upgrade

SKU: 71-106

Vendor Part Number: T75-3000BBLF-SK

Regular Price: $3,051.26

Special Price $2,195.00

The HydraSim® provides the illusion of external hemorrhage at the point of injury. Those that are trained have the opportunity to see and treat bleeding wounds with haemostatic dressings, pressure dressings, and tourniquets just like they would in a real emergency. These simple yet powerful tools increase the realism to any medical training event.

The FIST Upgrade adds a loud, safe, auditory effect to your training simulation, utilizing one of the most common items in the medical community - the examination glove!



This system (71-106) is a new configuration by WorldPoint and includes:

  • Black DropLeg Bleeding Simulator 
  • Battery 
  • Charger
  • Remote 
  • Spare Remote Covers 
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Field Pack 
  • Refill System 
  • MultiSim Injury Fabrication Kit 
  • 2 Simulation Blood Packets 
  • Quick Attach Wound 
  • 2 Self Adhering Wraps

FIST Upgrade includes:

  • 4 FIST Charging Handles
  • FIST Adapter Line
  • FIST Pneumatic Charger
  • 12 Nitrile Examination Gloves

Additional Information:

  • No pyrotechnics
  • No compressed carbon dioxide required