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Arrhythmia Tutor

SKU: 50-104

Vendor Part Number: AT-35


  • Provides a controlled practice to achieve high competency in detecting and measuring blood pressure.
  • Includes one blood pressure measurement simulator (#BP-1) and one control panel (#CP-1)
  • Replaces BP-BUNDLE 



Features include:

  • Can be used on a manikin or real person
  • Managed by the control pad (included) and can be programmed for any range of blood pressure
  • Rechargeable battery for 9 hours of usage
  • Works with any standard stethoscope
  • Multiple cuff units can be controlled by one control pad
  • Realistic korotkoff sounds
  • Realistic sphygmomanometer
  • Programmable systolic and diastolic (mmHg) settings