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Koken Suction Training Model Type II

SKU: 50-195

Vendor Part Number: LM-097


Perform intranasal, oral and tracheal suction catheter insertion and suction procedures

  • Life-like appearance and feel, enabling realistic practice
  • Enables insertion of nasogastric tube as far as esophagus
  • Face can be split in two along midline, enabling confirmation of position of suction catheters and nasogastric tubes during insertion
  • Enables nasal suction and tracheal suction through a tracheostomy
  • Offers anatomical study of nasal cavity, mouth and neck
  • Simulated sputum for nasal and/or oral cavities or trachea can be used to simulate actual procedures
  • Includes:  main body, side of face, bronchus, clasp for bronchus, acrylic board, glycerin, simulated sputum (100g), Koken Tracheal Cannula PP Single-Tube Type O. D 13mm, storage bag
  • One and a half-year warranty
  • Replaces LM-097 



This model can be used to practice the insertion of suction catheters into the nasal cavity, oral cavity and tracheostomy site, as well as suction procedures, routinaly applied in the nursing and caregiving fields.
The facial region can be divided into two halves along the midline, allowing confirmation of the actual insertion status of a suction catheter or feeding tube. The model is also designed to enable study of the anatomical structures of the nasal cavity, oral cavity and cervical area.