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Koken Virtual Reality Vaginal Exam Model

SKU: 50-599

Vendor Part Number: LM095


  • Sensors attached to fingers enable measurement, and display distances between/and moved by them
  • Line connecting the ischial spines (zero station) can be displayed
  • Cervix and other structures closely resemble the feel of the living body
  • Bishop scores from late-stage pregnancy to beginning of labor can be confirmed
  • Fetal head model can be used to gauge rotation of head of fetus, by varying the positions of sagittal sutures and the posterior fontanel
  • Rotation of fetus at delivery can be confirmed by means of 3-dimensional animation
  • Includes:  Main body, vulva for vaginal exam, finger sensors, dilation models, fetal head model, base for securing main body, base for uterine dilation model, gloves, product key, trakSTAR, trakSTAR installation CD, product CD, cables, glycerin, baby powder, screws, plastic wagon and cloth cover. 
  • One and a half year warranty.
  • Replaces LM-095



The Virtual Reality Vaginal Exam Model makes it possible to see images of the actual movements of the fingers inside the vagina when practicing vaginal exams, something that has not been possible to date. Instructors can now show trainees specifically how the two fingers should be moved when performing the exam, and can check that the trainee is moving their fingers properly.

Discontinued by Koken