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Gaumard Newborn Multipurpose Patient

SKU: 50-571

Vendor Part Number: S107


  • Full-body, neonatal pediatric manikin
  • Trains students to perform BVM and CPR
  • Allows intubation, NG exercises, female, male, and umbilical catheterization
  • IO and IV training, heel stick and finger prick techniques
  • Bathing and bandaging activity
  • Includes t-shirt, diapers, and a soft carrying bag
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Replaces S107



This full-body, pediatric manikin allows training in a variety of advanced patient care procedures. Full articulation, realistic anatomy, and soft skin give it a lifelike feel.

  • Enema administration and stoma sites with removable internal tanks
  • Urethral passage and bladder
  • Interchangeable male organ