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Laerdal Newborn Anne

SKU: 51-476

Vendor Part Number: 220-25050


  • Full-body neonatal manikin
  • Teaches students neonatal resuscitation
  • Meets the key components of the NRP course curriculum
  • Includes meconium aspiration module set, umbilical cord, clamp, airway lubricant, IV bag connector tube, pulse bulb, OI fill/empty syringe, simulated blood, liquid soap, baby powder, baby pants, carrying case, and directions for use on a CD
  • Replaces 220-25050



With anatomical accuracy and a product feature set designed to focus on the critical resuscitation skills required in the first ten (10) minutes of a newborn’s life

  • Positioning the newborn to simulate opening the airway via head tilt, chin lift or jaw thrust
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation  (BVM, T-Piece resuscitator, or anesthesia bag)
  • ET tube intubation
  • LMA insertion
  • Orogastric tube insertion
  • Stomach distension (when ET is misplaced)
  • Suctioning (of the nares, nasopharynx, oropharynx, esophagus and the lungs via an ET tube) - Fluids should not be introduced into the airway
  • Meconium module for suction removal
  • Bilateral and unilateral (with mainstem intubation) chest rise and fall with mechanical ventilation
  • Pneumothorax - Needle thoracentesis left mid axillary (pneumothorax)
  • Manual chest compression at appropriate depth (1/3 AP) and force
  • Umbilical Vein/ Artery access via patent umbilicus
  • IO access in left and right lower leg, tibial tuberosity and medial malleolus