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AAOS Sick/Not Sick: A Guide to Rapid Patient Assessment

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  • Completely updated with new case studies throughout, Sick/Not Sick, Second Edition is designed to help EMS personnel develop rapid patient assessment skills. This resources distills years of field experience into a workable formula that both inexperienced and experienced providers can use. Sick/Not Sick teaches EMS personnel how to quickly collect information and discern what details are important in order to provide immediate initial care
  • Scenarios and Case Studies: Allow you to see how the SICK/NOT SICK approach to patient assessment enables rapid decision making and action on scene, for both adult and pediatric patients.
  • SICK/NOT SICK Principles: Tip boxes highlight and elaborate on SICK/NOT SICK topics presented in the text.
  • SICK/NOT SICK Flowchart: Organizes observations made during a call, so that you can quickly make decisions about treatment and transport.
  • Prep Kit: Reviews what you have learned in each chapter
  • Pretest, Quizzes, and Skills Checklists: Test your ability to make rapid patient assessments.



  • Section  1  Adult SICK/NOT SICK
  •   Chapter  1  Why SICK/NOT SICK?
  •   Chapter  2  SICK/NOT SICK in a Nutshell
  •   Chapter  3  SICK/NOT SICK Starts While You Are En Route
  •   Chapter  4  The Clinical Picture of a Medical Patient
  •   Chapter  5  The Clinical Picture of a Trauma Patient
  •   Chapter  6  Make a Decision
  •   Chapter  7  What If I Make the Wrong Decision?
  •   Chapter  8  Common Mistakes
  • Section  2  Pediatric SICK/NOT SICK
  •   Chapter  9  Pediatric SICK/NOT SICK in a Nutshell
  •   Chapter  10  The Pediatric Triangle
  •   Chapter  11  Pediatrics: Make a Decision
  • Section  3  Case Studies
  •   Chapter  12  Medical Case Studies
  •   Chapter  13  Trauma Case Studies
  •   Chapter  14  Pediatric Case Studies
  • Appendix  A  Quizzes
  • Appendix  B  Skills Checklists