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Philips FR2 Live AED Replace Ped PADS

SKU: 30-244

Vendor Part Number: M3870A


  • Self-adhesive FR2 series reduced-energy defibrillator pads for infant/child
  • Energy reduced from 150 to 50 Joules
  • Instantly obvious that pads are for infants/children only
  • 1 set
  • Heartstream and HeartStart FR2 Series AED models only
  • Replaces M3870A



Enables minimally trained responders to safely and promptly defibrillate infants and children under 8 years of age or 55 lbs. through electronics which reduce the energy of the defibrillator's shock from 150 to 50 Joules.

  • FR2 series defibrillators can evaluate children's heart rhythms with outstanding accuracy for appropriate shock/no-shock decisions
  • Packaging, graphics, and pink teddy bear-shaped connector communicate pediatric use, ensuring that the correct pads are chosen