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AED Practi-Trainer

SKU: 30-217

Vendor Part Number: WL220


  • Tests proper attachment of shock pads
  • Includes 8 AHA scenarios to treat different cardiac arrest cases
  • Meets AHA 2015 Guidelines
  • External speaker jack
  • Volume adjustment and pause function
  • Spanish/English capability
  • Includes: Remote control, nylon carrying case, wire connectors, 2 sets of pads (1 adult and 1 child), and instruction manual
  • Warranty: 1 year against defects
  • Replaces AED120T-3 



The new and improved AED trainer with plug-in module has all the functions needed to teach students about AED operation – without breaking your equipment budget.

  • Low cost allows more units per class – training students faster
  • New plug-in module design allows easy upgrades and language changes
  • Lightweight design and carry case make the units easily portable to remote sites
  • Ability to plug in speakers lets the entire class hear scenarios as they play out – extending training even while they wait.
  • AC adapter (available seperately) and battery operation assure you will never be without power
  • Fully functional remote control allows instructors to easily control scenarios and pause to review or discuss, when required.
  • Changeable plug in module allows for guideline updates or language changes without buying a complete unit
  • Audible metronome paces CPR chest compressions
  • Volume adjustment & pause functions