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Laerdal Premature Anne Task Trainer

SKU: 51-477

Vendor Part Number: 290-00050


  • Developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Premature Anne allows for new opportunities to integrate the latest technologies into preterm infant training programs
  • Realistically proportioned preterm infant (25-week old)
  • Anatomically accurate airway designed to train airway management including the placement of an ET tube
  • Highly mobile for use in multiple clinical settings and in transport scenarios
  • Includes:  SimMom Birthing Lubricant (for simulation of a newly delivered baby), Laerdal Airway Lubricant 45ml, Simulated Blood Concentrate, Umbilical cords (3) ,42mm Face Mask, 3M removable silicone tape, 10ml Syringe, Premature Anne Power Cable/Charger, Software Update Cable, Hat and Blanket, User Guide and Important Product Information booklet (IPI) and Tray for the storage of the manikin
  • One-year warranty



  • Realistic anatomy (25 week, 750 g)
  • Self-inflating bag and T-piece ventilation
  • ETT intubation
  • Nasal intubation
  • CPAP (nasal prongs) ventilation
  • Chest rise with ventilation
  • Esophagus
  • OG/NG insertion
  • Realistic chest compressions
  • Umbilicus
  • Umbilical vein and arteries for
  • Cannulation and infusion
  • Breath sounds with ventilation
  • Pulse oximetry attachment
  • IV access

Replaces 290-00050