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Prestan Jaw Thrust Manikin with CPR Monitor 4 pack

SKU: 10-203

Vendor Part Number: PP-JTM-400M-WP-MS


  • 4 torso-only, adult manikins
  • Train students in CPR
  • Monitors provide feedback on student technique
  • Latex free
  • Includes 50 face shield/lung bags and a carrying bag
  • Warranty: 3 years



These manikins allow students to gauge their own compression rate as they practice CPR. The monitors also allow instructors to guide several students at once.

  • Head tilt/chin lift
  • Chest rise
  • Anatomical landmarks
  • Compression clicker
  • Disposable airways
  • Manikin's head structure is capable of demonstrating the jaw-thrust maneuver. By grasping and lifting the angles of the lower jaw with both hands, this pulls it forward and presents the rescuer with an open airway.
  • Replaces JAW-PAK100