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TruCorp AirSim Advanced Tracheotomy with Bronchi, Break out Teeth

SKU: 50-248

Vendor Part Number: TT95101


  • Anatomically correct laryngeal cartilages
  • Palpable tracheal rings to provide positive user feedback
  • Easy identification of the sternal notch
  • Realistic neck skin with the added option of subcutaneous fat tissue
  • Also ideal for training in:
    • Awake fiber-optic examination
    • Tracheal and nasotracheal intubation
    • Video and standard laryngoscopy – including Sellick Maneuver
    • Full range use of supraglottic devices
    • Effective bag mask ventilation
  • Includes:  model, two lung bags and carry case
  • One-year warranty



AirSim Advance Traci with Bronchi Tree and Breakout Incisor Teeth has a fully functional replaceable wrap around overlay neck skin that can facilitate up to 25 incisions.  This offers cost effective training options and efficient usability of the model.  It is presented in a lightweight frame with a lung bag to illustrate a successful tracheostomy procedure.

Replaces TT95101