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Vata Vascular Access Ultrasound Phantom

SKU: 50-970

Vendor Part Number: 0705


  • An excellent training phantom for the introduction and improvement of the techniques and psychomotor skills associated with successful ultrasound guided vascular accessing. 
  • Has three vessels contained within the phantom: Small superficial vessel; Large deeply placed vessel; and Mid-sized vessel which bifurcates into two smaller vessels.
  • The unique material is flesh colored with the tactile feel and puncture resistance of human tissue. The curved contour on the top of the phantom is similar to contours on patients and has the added benefit of showing the importance of transducer positioning, as positioning can affect the quality of the image viewed - this is not possible on phantoms that are flat.
  • The phantom can be imaged and accessed from the top, side or bottom surface, on the base or removed from the case.
  • The very durable phantom material can be accessed 1,000s of times, is self-healing and can be refilled with the supplied stain resistant simulated blood.
  • There is no need for special handling or refrigeration of the phantom.
  • The phantom is compatible with any ultrasound imaging system with appropriate transducer.




  • Ultrasound phantom
  • Cover and Base for ultrasound phantom
  • 2oz simulated ultrasound blood