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WorldPoint Pocket R-CAT-12 for STEMI 3.25" x 6.75"

SKU: 50-381

Vendor Part Number: 1250.04879 354


  • Designed for personal use and fits in most pockets
  • A great addition to any 12 lead EKG course
  • Compact-yet contains all R-CAT for STEMI content in 11 accordion-style, fold-out panels
  • Features a see-through window for easily comparing a patient's EKG to an established baseline
  • Sturdy laminated 2-sided format that can be wiped clean with a disinfectant
  • This is available in 3 unique sizes (binder#R-CAT04, poster: #R-CAT07, and pocket: R-CAT05) to meet a variety of clinical and teaching needs
  • Replaces R-CAT05 



Reveals the following key 12 Lead concepts:

  • Coronary circulation in relation to each of the 12 leads
  • Normal electrical conduction pathways in relation to each of the 12 leads
  • Proper placement of the limb and pre-cordial electrodes illustrated on a patient diagram
  • Illustrations of muscle involvement on each heart surface using a novel color-coding format that links the 12 lead changes to the common areas for infarction outlined above
  • Normal EKG characteristics associated with each of the 12 leads as reflected in 
    Normal Sinus rhythm
  • Examples of the 12 lead pattern characteristics associated with ischemia, injury and infarction in the following common areas for myocardial damage
    • Inferior wall
    • Septal wall
    • Anterior wall
    • Lateral wall
    • Anteroseptal wall
    • Anterolateral wall