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WorldPoint RCR Pocket 3.25" x 6.75"

SKU: 50-386

Vendor Part Number: RCR-POCKET


  • With the increased demand for Waveform Capnography the ability for medical personnel to rapidly and accurately identify normal and abnormal capnography wave forms can be vital for patient outcomes
  • Designed for personal use and fits most pockets
  • Compact- yet contains all RCR content
  • Sturdy laminated 2-sided format that can be wiped clean with a disinfectant
  • A great addition to any classroom
  • Can be attached to a PCA pump equipped with Waveform Capnography for quick reference
  • Replaces RCR-01



  • According to American Heart Association Wave form Capnography is the most reliable method of confirming placement and monitoring of patients with an endotracheal tube. Read more
  • It is also the gold standard for monitoring effective CPR and has shown to improve patient outcomes.
  • The Rapid Capnography Resource (RCR) uses a novel color-coded format to illustrate the inspiratory and expiratory phases of the normal Capnogram. The RCR also provides examples of abnormal Capnograms and list possible clinical causes for each abnormality.
  • The RCR products come in 3 unique sizes to meet a variety of clinical and teaching needs.
  • All R-CAT and RCR products are made here in the USA.